Taste of high quality

One of the key principles of the company is safety and quality of its products

For the purpose the factory introduced the foods safety management system DSTU ISO 22000: 2019, and the quality management system DSTU ISO 9001: 2015


Taste of high quality 2

To improve its quality indicators the factory annually cooperates with the biggest auditing companies and checks its products in respective Ukrainian laboratories.

To control products quality, the Quality Service has been operating as a part of the production laboratory. The aim of this service work is to control the compliance with the highest production rules and standards.

Our statistics

  • 60

    years of
    successful operations

  • 144

    thousand tons
    of finished products
    within 10 years

  • 500


  • 400


Groups of products

  • Halva

    Halva (from Arabic حلاوة – “delight”) is an Arabic dessert, based on nut kernels, seeds, sugar and syrup. Owing to its unique taste sunflower halva has become especially popular.

  • Dragee

    Drops (in French Dragée [dʀaʒe]) are rounded confectionary products, covered with a single or multiple layers of coating. Their cores are nuts, as well as dried fruit, chocolate or dried berries. Drops are not only delicious but also useful as a snack.

  • Marmalade

    Marmalade (from French “marmelade”) is a culinary product made of fruit, coated with a thin layer of sugar.  In English-speaking countries the word marmalade means only citrus jam, though today it is possible to find even vegetable marmalade.

  • Snacks

    In English-speaking countries snacks generally refer to light food products designed for a bite between meals. However, despite the wide scope of meanings of this concept the most popular choice in this category is peanuts.

  • Oil

    Sunflower oil is the non-volatile oil pressed from the seeds of sunflower. The oil contains a rich content of vitamin E and Omega – 6. Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil

Commercial offer

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